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Irrespective of problem-areas, the United States of America (USA) will (most probably!) be the hottest destination for Indian and international students. It is not difficult to determine why. The quality of education, wide-ranging specialties, flexibility, large campuses, friendly professors, funding and international opportunities are only but a few of the reasons for attracting the elite students from throughout the world. It is not so easy to dislodge the pre-eminent position of US as the ‘land of opportunities’.

There are more than 3,800 universities and colleges in the USA, offering right from short-term certificate programs to Post-Doctoral level degrees. Most students prefer to study in the USA at either the Bachelors level or Masters and beyond.

Master’s level is the most popular among Indian students who would like to chalk their career plans for higher education. More than 78% of Indian students apply for Master’s level programs in US universities.

At this level, Engineering and its specialties (MS) are most popular, followed by Management (MBA) and other subjects like Pharmacy, Public Health, Physiotherapy and other programs. Each of the specialization has its own typical requirements for application, admission and all aspects further education in USA. Through the links on this pages and elsewhere on our site, Nexus will demystify the process of studying in USA.

Latest on USA Intakes & Cost of Education! 

USA Education - University Intakes
* Fall Intake: August - September 
* Spring Intake: January - February
* Summer Intake: March - April

Cost of Education 
* varies depending on the university 


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Why Study in USA?

For the students looking for the best overseas education and planning to put their careers on the fast track, USA is the hottest destination". This is because it has immense range of specialties, high quality of education, great opportunities, which attracts students from different countries of the world. Students can choose a suitable university from over 3800 universities and colleges available in USA that facilitates several educational programs. U.S provides a lot of offers for international students like, prestigious education in the world, assorted cities and towns, dazzling natural parks, different events and multicultural population.

Tuition will be the largest component of your education cost. It will vary widely between different schools, so it is best for you to refer to the schools where you are planning to apply to get a realistic amount. As a very rough guideline, the cost for tuition can range from $5,000 to $25,000 per year. Public schools will typically charge lower tuition than private schools, and community colleges usually have the lowest tuition costs of all public schools

USA Universities and Colleges ?

The University Of Findlay

Johnson & Wales

Herzing University

Sacred Heart University

University Of Colorado Denver

University of Arkansas

Wright State University

Western Michigan University

University of Oregon

University of Dallas

Purdue University

Bellevue University

Bradley University

Illinois State University

Kansas State University

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